Introduction to HealthiCare Hub

We at Health i Care aim to strengthen links with primary. secondary, community, CCGs and education providers across the Midlands.

We envisage to support  healthcare organisations to understand the role of the pharmacy teams and practitioners within unique clinical areas

Working with education providers we will continue to support pharmacist with their training pathway and equip healthcare teams to deliver patient facing services.

We aim to work with our stakeholders to support ongoing challenges, to ensure they meet their strategic objectives and continue to deliver their services effectively.

Mission statement

  1. Improve patient outcomes and better access to Quality Healthcare’
  2. Specialist providers of Pharmacist and Advanced Health care Practitioners in all sectors.
  3. HealthiCare is a new developing hub that intends to be driven by passionate, dynamic, competent pharmacist and practitioners experienced in delivering extended roles.  This Hub will drive forward initiatives in line with NHS England Five Year Forward View